GSAM Seminars

GSAM Seminars

Operation of Seminars

Seminars are subjects designed to help students with the preliminary readings and research, determination of a research topic, and to start systematic research and data collection. These subjects also help students to strengthen their research, writing and presentation skills and enrich their research through comments, suggestions and guidance by their individual supervisors, other faculty members and fellow students. In other words, these subjects are designed to assist students in their research, leading to the production of a Master's Thesis or a Research Report.

Students will be registered for Seminars following the schedule below in accordance with their enrollment status (program completion length, semester of enrollment, supervisor).

Seminars' subject titles are Research Project I, II or III or Final Research Project. Research Project I refers to the seminar class in the 1st semester, Research Project II - to the one in the 2nd semester and Research Project III - to the 3rd semester seminar class. The Final Research Project is registered for during the final semester at APU.

  1. All students must take Seminars consecutively from the first semester through the last semester of enrollment.
  2. Students must complete one of the three Research Projects (Research Project I, II or III) and the Final Research Project.
  3. The Master’s Thesis or the Research Report is to be submitted during the semester in which Final Research Project is registered.

During the course of study, students must take seminars as designated in the table below.

Program Length 1st semester 2nd semester 3rd semester 4th semester
2-year Standard
Research Project I Research Project II Research Project III Final Research Project
1.5-Year Accelerated
Research Project I Research Project II Final Research Project Program Completion
1-Year Accelerated
Research Project I Final Research Project Program Completion
All students will be automatically registered for the respective Research Project subject at the beginning of every semester.

Types of Seminars

Individual Supervision

Every student is assigned an individual supervisor from their affiliated Division. The student will meet with his/her supervisor on an individual or small group basis and all meetings are scheduled individually between supervisors and students.
A First Seminar Meeting is organized at the beginning of every semester to for new enrollees to meet with faculty members within their affiliated Division. See below for details.

Joint Research Presentations

Joint Research Presentations will be held within each Division at least once per quarter and all faculty members and students shall attend the Joint Research Presentations within their Division. These presentations provide students with opportunities to present their research and receive feedback from faculty members other than their supervisors.
The presentation requirements, including the timing and the number of presentations, differ per Division and may depend on the student's enrollment status (1st semester, final semester, accelerated completion program, etc.). Students should consult with their supervisor and the Division Head for their presentation schedule, and should follow other details specified by their specific Division. Moreover, as a rule, all students are required to give a presentation at least once before the submission of their Master's Thesis / Research Report.


Spring Semester Fall Semester
Quarter 1 the Wednesday on or immediately before May 15 the Wednesday on or immediately before November 15
Quarter 2 the Wednesday on or immediately before July 10 the Wednesday on or immediately before January 15
1. Exact times, venues, etc. for the presentations are announced 2-3 weeks in advance.
2. The presentation structure, length and Q&A sessions and students’ individual presentation schedules may differ per Division. Hence, students are encouraged to consult with their supervisors about the details at the beginning of every semester.

First Seminar Meeting and Seminar Classes

Information on GSAM Seminar Classes is updated at the beginning of every semester.
Additionally, First Seminar Meetings are organized for each Division on the 1st Wednesday class day of the semester to provide new students with an opportunity to meet with professors from each Division and choose a supervisor. After the First Seminar Meeting, all consecutive meetings are scheduled between supervisors and students. Please contact the Academic Office for any inquiries regarding the GSAM Seminar Classes.

Plan for Research Supervision

The Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies requires that the supervisor prepares a yearly plan for research
supervision, presents it to the student in advance and conducts research supervision in accordance with this yearly
plan. The Plan for Research Supervision takes into account the content of the student's individual research.
The Plan for Research Supervision is prepared to provide students with guidance that leads to the successful
completion of their research output and ensures the quality of research.
It serves as a benchmark for students to plan and progress with their research in the subsequent year. It also serves
as a document for the supervisor to monitor the progress of the student's plans and research.
The Plan for Research Supervision is prepared for every year of enrollment at the beginning of the 1st and 3rd

1. Students who have changed supervisors: the new supervisor will prepare and present a yearly Plan for Research Supervision. The period of research supervision in the Plan will depend on the time left until graduation.
2. A Plan for Research Supervision will be prepared for students who extend their graduate program, and reinstated / readmitted students. The period of research supervision indicated in the Plan will depend on the extension period for students who are extending their programs and on the period until graduation for reinstated / readmitted students. Plan for Research Supervision.