Reference Information on GSM Subjects

Required Subjects

Required Subjects provide a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge so that students are able to move seamlessly into specialized studies. Required Subjects are further divided into 3 categories: Analytical Foundations, Core Business Fundamentals and Capstone.

  1. Analytical Foundations provide qualitative and quantitative tools to analyze, understand and apply to actual business situations.
  2. Core Business Fundamentals include courses that spread across all the major areas of business.
  3. Capstone help students integrate all the functional knowledge to develop effective strategies to deal with actual business situations.

Advanced Research Methods

“Advanced Research Methods” is a Core Related Subject aimed at guiding students how to design their research. All GSM students, particularly those planning to write a Master’s Thesis, are strongly recommended to take this subject while in their 2nd or 3rd semester of enrollment. The subject is worth 2 credits and will count towards the credits required for program completion.

Strategic Management (Capstone)

All students, regardless of their completion program, must take the “Strategic Management” subject in their 3rd semester of enrollment or later.

Prerequisite Subjects

Prerequisite subjects are subjects which students are requested to complete before taking other specified subjects and are set to encourage the systematic study of material in GSM.

Prerequisite Subjects Subjects with Prerequisites
[R] Required [E] Marketing Strategy
[E] Product Development Strategy
[E] Marketing Research
[R] Accounting [R] Finance
[E] Managerial Accounting
[E] Financial Accounting
[E] Corporate Finance
[R] Finance [E] Corporate Finance
[E] Financial Engineering and Risk Management
[R] Quantitative Analysis and Statistics [E] Financial Engineering and Risk Management

[R] Required Subject
[E] Elective Subject