Faculty Information

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Name Specialization Research Area
ACKARADEJRUANGSRI, Pajaree Marketing and Management (MM) Consumer Behavior, Marketing Strategies, Strategic Business Management, Interdisciplinary
ALCANTARA, Lailani Japanese Management (JM)
Marketing and Management (MM)
Organizational Behavior, International Management
ASGARI, Behrooz Innovation and Operations Management (IOM) Technology Management, Quality Management, Decision Sciences, Engineering Statistics, Operations Research, Supply Chain Management, Economics of Technological Change, ICT, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Operations Management, Innovation Studies
BARAI, Munim Kumar Accounting and Finance (AF) Finance and Development Economics
BEISE-ZEE, Rian Innovation and Operations Management (IOM)
Marketing and Management (MM)
Innovation Management, Product and Service Operations Management
CHEN, Shu-Ching Marketing Management (MM) Services Marketing and Management, Consumer Behaviors, Hospitality, Marketing Strategy and Management
CLASTER, William Accounting and Finance (AF)
Marketing and Management (MM)
Innovation and Operations Management (IOM)
Data Science, classification, forecasting, algorithms, text mining, machine learning, AI
CORTEZ, Michael Angelo A. Accounting and Finance (AF) Research methods (empirical research, case studies, mixed methods), financial analysis, industry analysis
FAN, Pengda Accounting and Finance (AF) Corporate Finance
FUJII, Seiichi Innovation and Operations Management (IOM)
Marketing and Management (MM)
Innovation activities span in both IOM and MM areas
GUNARTO, Hary Innovation and Operations Management (IOM) ICT
HAIDAR, Ali Japanese Management (JM)
Marketing and Management (MM)
Management in Asia
KHAN, Muhammad Tahir Abbas Innovation and Operations Management (IOM) Social effects of information communication technology, various applications of ICT
KIM, Rebecca ChungHee Japanese Management (JM)
Marketing and Management (MM)
Corporate Social Responsibility, International Management, Business Ethics, International HRM
LEE, Geunhee Marketing and Management (MM) Marketing
MIYAZAKI, Kumiko Innovation and Operations Management (IOM) Strategic management of technology and Innovation management; Innovation systems, Science and technology policy
NAKAJIMA, Katsushi Accounting and Finance (AF)
Japanese Management (JM)
Finance, Economics
Otake, Toshitsugu Accounting and Finance (AF)
Japanese Management (JM)
Risk Management and Statistical Models for Non-bank, Banks and Insurance Companies
PARDO, Phillip Dean Accounting and Finance (AF) My research work covers Business Analytics applications, Medical Tourism, Innovation in the Accounting and Hospitality sectors and the use of Sentiment Mining in the Hospitality Industry as well as the Financial effects on management of CRM and CGM. I currently finished a book on “The MAP Model to Modern Business” based on the Knightly virtues as well as editing a book on Natural Capital Accounting and some of my MBA students have worked on Taxation as well as Banking topics.
SAITO, Hiroaki Japanese Management (JM)
Marketing and Management (MM)
Hospitality Management, Organisational Psychology and Behaviour, and Service Management
SHINOHARA, Yoshiki Japanese Management (JM)
Marketing and Management (MM)
Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Sustainability
USREY, Bryan Gordon Marketing and Management (MM) Consumer Behavior and Experimentation
YANG, Jeongwoo Accounting and Finance (AF)
Japanese Management (JM)
Internal Auditing, Internal Control
ZHANG, Wei-Bin Japanese Management (JM)
Accounting and Finance (AF)
Monetary economic theories; economic growth theory, spatial economic theory