Study Support

Finding Textbooks and Reading Materials at the Library

Reading materials used for classes and individual study may be viewed or borrowed at the APU Library. The reading materials listed within the syllabus are linked to the RUNNERS Library System, allowing online checks of book availability, placing of reservations and ordering of materials from Ritsumeikan University Library. Additionally, some reference materials may be viewed as E-books.

Searching for and Acquiring Materials

Please refer to the information in the file linked here for methods for searching for and getting ahold of materials listed in the syllabus.

APU Library

The APU Library offers users a wide range of books, academic databases, and materials related to the areas of Asia Pacific studies, international management, and much more. Users can also request and access materials from Ritsumeikan University (RU).

APU Library

The APU Library is not only a place to read and check out books and materials, it also provides spaces for individual and group study, as well as presentations. Technology-assisted study is also possible with IT facilities such as the Multimedia Room and wireless Internet. As the Library is used by a large number of people every day, its rules of use are strictly enforced. Please be considerate of other library users and follow the facility rules to ensure that everyone is able to benefit in their studies.
Library users can search APU and RU materials via the Online Library Catalogue. Users can also access the Research Repository (R-Cube) – a database that can be used to search for and view the academic contributions made by faculty and researchers affiliated with APU and RU.

Online Library Catalogues

The Online Library Catalogue is a system accessible through the Internet that allows users to consult the holdings of a library to find out if the book, journal or other material they are looking for is present in a specific library.

Digital Library

The Digital Library provides users with access to e-journal databases, R-Cube (Ritsumeikan Institutional Research Repository) and a list of graduate theses / dissertations. In this menu, users can also access Mendeley-a reference management tool allowing them to manage academic articles and share information online.

Library Facilities

  • The first floor includes the “Group Study Rooms” and “Presentation Room,” which are useful to students working in study groups or on group projects.
  • Study booths are located on the second floor for those who want a quiet place to concentrate and study.
  • Wireless LAN access areas are located throughout the Library, and computers are available in the Multimedia Room

Office Hours

Each faculty member has allocated office hour in order to facilitate consultation and guidance relating to coursework.
Please refer to the Academic Office webpage for office hours information of our faculty members.

Faculty Contact Info and Office Hours