Class Timetables

Course Registration

  • Accessing the Online Registration System off campus may take time. It is recommended to register from an on-campus computer.
  • Each morning, between the hours of 3:00am – 5:00am (Japan Time), the new Registration Support System will close for maintenance.
  • Semester Registration only takes place once; make sure to complete registration for both quarters and the session period.
  • Registration will not be conducted beyond the dates in this notice. Be sure to register on time.
  • After registering subjects via the Campusmate, print out your registration confirmation screen for reference.

*Regarding Class Registration/ Cancellation

1st Quarter Classes CANNOT BE ADDED during the Correction Period 1. 2nd Quarter & Summer/Winter Session Classes CAN BE ADDED ONLY during the Correction Period 1. Students should carefully plan their semester class registration schedule in advance. The Academic Office strongly recommends registering ALL CLASSES during the designated Registration Period A or B.

2020FA Course Registration Schedule (as of 10 September 2020) (PDF)

You may check your school's Subject List for the category in which each class falls (ie. Elective Subject, Seminar Subject, etc.)

AY2014 Curriculum GSAM Subject List (PDF)
AY2014 Curriculum GSM Subject List (PDF)

Class Timetable for GSAM&GSM

The following timetables are subject to change.
Classrooms for classes are announced prior to the beginning of each Quarter.

2021SP GSAM&GSM Class Timetable (EXCEL) (updated 2021/3/1)
2020FA Winter Session Course Timetable (EXCEL) (updated 2021/1/18)
Please refer here for Open Classrooms for attending online classrooms
Please refer here for Open Classrooms for Attending "Online Classes" (Winter Session)

For reference

2020SP GSAM&GSM Class Timetable (EXCEL)

Class Timetable for GSAD

2021SP GSAD Class Timetable (PDF) (Updated 2021/03/01)

For reference

2020FA GSAD Class Timetable (PDF)