The APU2020 Vision

Towards becoming a global university where diversity breeds creativity by demonstrating the true value of "freedom, peace and humanity"

Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2010, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) opened in April 2000 and has since developed an unrivaled multicultural and multilingual environment in which approximately half of all students and faculty are foreign nationals. Through a Japanese/English bilingual education system, the University continues to nurture graduates with the skills needed to shape the future of the Asia Pacific region. Since the University was first established, future global leaders have gathered here from 123 countries and regions to study and live together in an environment of mutual cultural understanding. Approximately 6,800 students have now graduated from APU and have taken up active roles on the global stage.

In the field of research, in view of the achievements and application of research results to date, APU has established the International Association for Asia Pacific Studies with the aim of becoming a center for the accumulation and publication of research carried out throughout the Asia Pacific region in a range of disciplines. As both a global and local university, APU has endeavored to contribute to society through education, research and regional exchange initiatives by students, faculty and staff.

Based on the achievements of the last ten years, APU now presents its Vision for 2020. Compiled with the participation of all University stakeholders including students, faculty, staff, parents and graduates, the “APU2020 Vision” establishes the direction the University should take and the future role it should play in the global and regional community.

( March, 2011 )



Developing graduates with the skills to contribute to the “future shape of the Asia Pacific region” is the mission of APU. Realizing a society based on the values of “freedom, peace and humanity” is essential for international society in the 21st century. Through sharing and advancing this, a philosophy based on the APU Opening Declaration, we can lead to greater development in the Asia Pacific region. In order to achieve this mission, the University will endeavor to secure a multicultural environment for learning communities, both curricular and extra curricular, and through providing education with the global competitiveness needed to lead Japanese higher education, will set the standard for education in the Asia Pacific region.

Through these initiatives, the University will nurture graduates with cross-cultural and academic knowledge, awareness and interpersonal skills. By enabling students to reach their unique potential, the University will develop global citizens with the skills to open up their path to a future on the global stage.

By providing a venue for advanced and cutting-edge education that utilizes our multicultural environment, faculty and staff will continue improving the quality of APU education. Based on an understanding of different cultures and a solid academic foundation, our students will graduate with the skills needed to lead an active career in international society.

Ensuring diversity in Students, Faculty and Staff / Creating an educational system in which students can grow in an environment of different cultures and values. / Developing globally competitive education


Based on a philosophy of “freedom, peace and humanity” and with an aim towards realizing a society of peace, sustainable development and coexistence between mankind, nature and the diverse cultures of the Asia Pacific region, the University’s mission is to establish and develop the discipline of “Asia Pacific Studies” from an interdisciplinary standpoint that encompasses the humanities, the social and environmental sciences, and business studies. The International Association for Asia Pacific Studies has a role to play in achieving this mission.

As a center for the collection and publishing of research findings into issues currently facing the Asia Pacific region, the Association will contribute to the development of the Asia Pacific region through facilitating interaction between researchers around the world both on and off campus and the creation of a center for research excellence.

Social Contribution

APU was opened through a public-private partnership between Oita Prefecture, Beppu City and the Ritsumeikan Trust. For this reason, contributing to regional development and internationalization through education and research is central to the APU mission. To achieve this mission, students, faculty and staff continue to strive towards developing APU as a university endeared by the people of the local community and region.

APU was established, and has since grown, thanks to the support received from the economic and business worlds. More than an individual private university, APU aims to become a flagship for the internationalization of Japanese higher education and a shining example of an international public asset.

Based on a philosophy of “freedom, peace and humanity”, APU faculty and staff will continue to develop students capable of linking nations with nations and regions with regions, while also moving ahead with university development to further strengthen collaboration with, and assist in the growth of, societies and regions. Through their diverse learning experiences, APU students will contribute to regional and international society through thinking globally and leading active careers throughout the world.