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  • Connext ASEAN Thailand Camp 2015.06.30
    Date 開催日 February 07.2015 ~ February 19.2015
    Venue 場所 Chiang Mai, Thailand
    Organization Name 団体名 Connext ASEAN
    Report 報告

    "What is ASEAN?" This question might look easy to answer. Anyway, ASEAN is not just a simple word. It is the word which can give huge impacts to our life. ASEAN citizens need to know how to live within this innovative society efficiently in order to be successful in one own life and fulfill the objectives of the generation of ASEAN.

    And this is one of the reasons why "ConnextASEAN" was founded. We are a group of international students from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Japan who want to give ASEAN knowledge and understandings to the public and generate effective ASEAN leaders for the future.

    The main activity of ConnextASEAN is to hold a camp which contains the part of teaching about ASEAN and undertaking the activity to develop participants’ adaptability and multicultural understandings. Moreover, we also travel to many places in Southeast Asia to learn about diverse cultures and broaden out perspectives more and more.

    For this year, our first camp was "Winter Camp 2015 Chiang Mai" which was held during February 7-19, 2015 in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

    We brought 28 APU students to visit 3 schools, Regina Coeli College, Chiangmai University Demonstration School and Wattanothaipayap School to carry out the teamwork and multicultural understanding development activities. Also, we had a chance to talk and share about studying abroad experiences. After that, we went to the School for Life for our volunteering project. We taught the students there about ASEAN and conducted the games which require critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Throughout this teaching program, there were more than 200 local high school students participated in our program.

    And because one more of our main activities is to travel in ASEAN countries, this time we had the ASEAN Food Trip. It is not only visiting the spectacular tourist attractions in Chiang Mai, but also we went to many places to try distinguished traditional gourmet.

    This camp considerably gave us wonderful memories. We felt really proud when we saw the participants gradually obtained ASEAN understandings and useful skills through our camp. We hope that they can use the things that they gained to develop themselves for being the good leaders and living peacefully with others in the future.

    Also, we will continue and develop our camp more and more. We will not stop. Please support and see the progress of our camp. See you in the next camp.