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  • The 7th Annual Concert by the APU Samulnori Team “Shinmyoung” 2011.02.07
    Date 開催日 2011年01月22日(土) ~ 2011年01月22日(土)
    Venue 場所 APU Millennium Hall
    Organization Name 団体名 APU Samulnori Team “Shinmyoung”
    Report 報告

    On Saturday, January 22, 2011, the APU Samulnori Team “Shinmyoung” held their 7th Annual Concert.

    Entitled “Samuru”, the concert was held at the APU Millennium Hall and delivered a powerful performance of Korean traditional music to a large audience of students, faculty and members of the local community. More details on the event are available on the APU official homepage.