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  • Video Contest event : recruiting event 2014.04.23
    Date 開催日 April 23.2014 ~ April 23.2014
    Venue 場所
    Organization Name 団体名 World International
    Report 報告

    The purpose of video contest is to give an opportunity to APU students to share their unique culture and learn more about other country differences so we began our video recruiting period from 8th February 2014 till 10th April 2014. With in the two months , there are five numbers of student submitted their videos. Those country of students consist of France, Malaysia,Indonesia, Vietnam and Pacific countries like Fiji. With their amazing video journey that well portrayed their country 's culture background, our circle planed to hold the video contest event on 16th May in Cafeteria for other students to see this amazing video. We intend to hold many performances that represents various cultures and true concept of Multicultural environment of APU. Video Contest Event (World International) Date: 16th May 2014 Time: event start from 12.25- 14.15 Place: Cafeteria