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  • SAS Hiji Christmas Party! 2014.01.15
    Date 開催日 2014年01月15日(水) ~ 2014年01月15日(水)
    Venue 場所 Seibuchiku community center, Hiji community center
    Organization Name 団体名 SAS Hiji team
    Report 報告

    SAS Hiji team held two Christmas Party both 14th and 15th of December. First Christmas Party was held in Seibuchiku community center in 14th of December 2013. In Seibuchi community center, we really enjoyed our work with lovely kids. Our Hiji team members formed good relationship quickly with kids and we were very sad when we needed to say good bye. In Hiji community center on 15th of December, we could make more wonderful memories with kids since we had longer time to spend with children. We also obtained many help from TAs who were from all different countries. In the event, SAS hiji team and TAs taught children Christmas carols in English and we also learned together about Christmas through fun quizzes. Lastly, we finished our Christmas event with making Christmas tree with their group. Even though we were very sad since this Christmas event was our last event in 2013, we decided comfort ourselves with high expectation for next year.