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  • College of Asia Pacific Studies 3rd year student, SAMURA Tomomi, crowned "Miss Beppu" 2013 2013.04.26
    Date 開催日 2013年04月09日(火) ~ 2013年04月09日(火)
    Venue 場所
    Organization Name 団体名 Miss Beppu
    Report 報告

    Tomomi-san spoke of her goals for her term as Miss Beppu and for her future: “Beppu is a city that is well known throughout Japan for its hot-springs and hospitality. Beppu is also a very international city that hosts many foreign tourists and students. That Beppu has become so international is thanks to the warm hospitality of the people of Beppu and their acceptance of us into their community. I hope to let more people know about the warmth and hospitality of Beppu citizens. Last year I studied in Korea for six moths, so I want to make use of my understanding of the Korean language and culture to help promote Beppu tourism in Korea. In the future I want to work as a journalist or in the media, so this experience will help me learn how to interact with people and share information in a way that people can understand”.

    Tomomi-san was crowned and made her first public appearance at the Sunday, April 7 Beppu Onsen Festival. We wish her the very best of luck and look forward to her future achievements.