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  • The AY2010 Fall Semester Information System & Library Assistant Conferral Ceremony 2011.01.28
    Date 開催日 2011年01月26日(水) ~ 2011年01月26日(水)
    Venue 場所 APU Convention Hall
    Organization Name 団体名 Information System & Library Assistant
    Report 報告

    On Wednesday, January 26, 2011, the AY2010 Fall Semester Information SA & LA Completion Certificate Conferral Ceremony was held at the APU Convention Hall to recognize the efforts of five Information Systems Assistants (SA) and eleven Library Assistants (LA).

    SA student staff members provide troubleshooting support for problems encountered in the on-campus computer facilities, while LA student staff members provide help to enhance the study experience of library users. APS Professor and Director of the Media Resource Centre, Davar PISHVA opened the proceedings with a few words of praise for their efforts over the past months before presenting each recipient with their certificate, “I am certain that the experiences you gained as SA and LA staff will prove to be very valuable and helpful in your careers. I look forward to hearing about your future achievements”. Each of the recipients then took the stage and spoke about their time as an SA/LA. SA staff member, UENISHI Takahiro (APS4, Japan) said, “My experiences as an SA have taught me a range of technical skills that I can apply in my future career. I have also been able to make many new friends. I hope that the junior SA and LA members will continue in our footsteps and learn as much as they can”. A number of junior SA and LA staff were present at the ceremony and offered their appreciation to the senior members for all their hard work. In addition to SAs and LAs, APU continues to provide opportunities for students to develop through extracurricular activities and on-campus employment including Teaching Assistants (TAs) who help with classroom management and Student Press Assistants (SPA) who work to promote APU publicity initiatives.