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  • APU gains the seal of approval from major Japanese industry HR leaders 2012.07.23
    Date 開催日 2012年07月23日(月) ~ 2012年07月23日(月)
    Venue 場所
    Organization Name 団体名 APU
    Report 報告

    A recent poll carried out by the Nikkei Shinbun (July 16) asked HR leaders of top Japanese firms to name universities that have gained their attention in the field of human resource development. Out of the 750+ universities around Japan, APU placed 1st amongst private universities and 3rd overall after Akita International University and Tokyo University. This poll placed APU ahead of many of the traditional “big names” in Japanese higher education. It is great to see that our alumni, and our young university, is making its presence felt and leaving a good impression on the Japanese business scene.