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  • Research seminar students present findings at 7th Undergraduate Seminar Conference 2012.02.16
    Date 開催日 2012年01月18日(水) ~ 2012年01月18日(水)
    Venue 場所
    Organization Name 団体名 7th Undergraduate Seminar Conference
    Report 報告

    Students affiliated with sixteen College of Asia Pacific Studies (APS) and College of International Management (APM) research seminars presented their findings at the 7th Undergraduate Seminar Conference. Now in its 7th year, the conference is held as an opportunity for students of all research interests to come together and introduce the research projects going on at the undergraduate level. It also serves to increase junior students’ interest in academic research. Students affiliated with a seminar choose a topic of interest and spend a semester researching it. Representing APS and APM respectively, ZHU Ziwei (APS3, China) and HIGASHI Yusuke (APM3, Japan) said, “Representing my college was a great learning experience. It was sometimes a challenge to organize all the presenters from a range of different cultural and language backgrounds, but this itself was an enjoyable experience. I look forward to applying this experience in my future career”.