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  • Revolution! – The first public performance by Vietnamese Martial Arts Circle, VOVINA 2012.02.01
    Date 開催日 2012年01月17日(火) ~ 2012年01月17日(火)
    Venue 場所
    Organization Name 団体名 Vietnamese Martial Arts Circle, VOVINA
    Report 報告

    On Tuesday, January 17, 2012, the APU Vietnamese Martial Arts Circle, VOVINA, held their first public performance under the title of “Revolution - Make the man out of you”.

    The show featured 13 powerful martial arts performances. This was VOVINA’s first performance since the club was established and was held in front of a 100+ strong audience of students, faculty and staff that gave a rousing applause after each performance. VOVINA representative, HO Manh Tung, commented on the event, “I have been dreaming about holding an event like this since I first started the VOVINA team three years ago. It was great to see the dream comes true. The performances were not easy and a lot of team members were beginners, but thanks to their resilience and hard work, they managed to do a great job. We will be organizing more shows next semester so please stay tuned”.

    Footage of the event can be viewed on YouTube: