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  • Congratulations! Ms. PHAM Le Hong Phuc claims grand prize at Japanese speech contest for foreigners 2011.10.21
    Date 開催日 2011年10月18日(火) ~ 2011年10月18日(火)
    Venue 場所
    Organization Name 団体名 Japanese speech contest
    Report 報告

    On Tuesday, October 18, 2011, four APU international students competed at the ‘9th Japanese Speech Contest for Foreigners’ held at Yoshikan High School, Oita City.

    All of the APU participants claimed prizes including PHAM Le Hong Phuc (APM4, Vietnam) who was awarded the Grand Prize. Grand Prize winner, PHAM Le Hong Phuc, delivered a speech under the title of “where the nursery tales begin” during which she illustrated episodes from her early days in Japan and the support she received from members of the community. Her speech spoke of how she wants to spread the Japanese community spirit around the world. Ms. PHAM commented on her success, “I don’t have a lot of confidence in my Japanese pronunciation so I spent many hours practicing in front of my Japanese teachers and friends and paid special attention to my pronunciation when I finally delivered the speech. Winning the grand prize has given me more confidence in my Japanese ability”. Please click here for Ms. PHAM’s speech (available in Japanese only)