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  • Habitat APU Photo Exhibition 2011.07.26
    Date 開催日 2011年07月12日(火) ~ 2011年07月12日(火)
    Venue 場所 Pacific Café
    Organization Name 団体名 Habitat APU
    Report 報告

    On July 12 (Tue) – 15 (Fri), 2011, a photo exhibition was held at the Pacific Café by Habitat APU.

    This exhibition was held as a way of getting more people aware of the poverty and current conditions in developing nations around the world. The exhibition featured photographs taken of the group’s housing construction projects carried out around Southeast Asia and photographs provided by Habitat APU’s parent organisation, the international NGO “Habitat for Humanity”.

    APU student, HARADA Kazusa (APS2, Japan), came along to the exhibition and gave his impressions: “This gave a real insight into how people living in poverty go about their daily lives. We mustn’t take our lifestyle for granted. This event has motivated me to start thinking about what I can do to really help the situation”.

    Based in Kyushu, Habitat APU is involved in a range of initiatives including awareness campaigns, donation appeals and their biannual overseas housing construction projects. Let’s look forward to more developments from Habitat APU.