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  • The “Life Music” Summer Concert 2011.07.26
    Date 開催日 2011年07月13日(水) ~ 2011年07月13日(水)
    Venue 場所 Cafeteria
    Organization Name 団体名 「Life Music」
    Report 報告

    On Wednesday, July 13, 2011, the APU “Life Music” held their summer concert. “Life Music” recently marked the 10th anniversary of its establishment.

    The concert featured fifteen tunes including a range of summer favorites, the Little Mermaid’s “Under the Sea”, “Odessey” by the up and coming pianist and composer Steve Barakatt, and TV game-show and anime theme songs.

    Looking back on the concert, AKIYAMA Tomohide (APS2, Japan) said, “This was my first job as group representative and I am relieved that it all went so well. It was great to see so many new, and sometimes nervous, members enjoying their performance with the senior members. I hope that we can continue to give even more energetic performances and share our music with our audience. Our next performance will be at the Tenku Festival so please look forward to it”.