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  • APU Chorus Circle MUSY TONE performs at Taketa "Candle Illumination Chikuraku" 2010.11.20
    Date 開催日 2010年11月20日(土) ~ 2010年11月20日(土)
    Venue 場所 Taketa-City, Oita
    Organization Name 団体名 MUSY TONE
    Report 報告

    On Saturday, November 20, 2010, members of the APU Chorus Circle MUSY TONE performed at the ”Candle Illumination Chikuraku” event in Taketa-City featuring 20,000 bamboo lanterns.

    MUSY TONE appeared with members of the Taketa High School Chorus Club for this joint-performance. Under the magical light of the bamboo candles and moonlight, the close harmonies impressed the many people who came along to enjoy the performance. IKENAGA Kohei (APS1, Japan) took part in the event and commented on his experience: ”It was great to be able to liven up the event through our joint performance with the Taketa High School Chorus Club. Many thanks to everyone who helped us and organized this event. I look forward to more events in the future”.