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  • Japanese Art Society Holds Tanabata Concert

    Date 開催日 2011年07月08日(金) ~ 2011年07月08日(金)
    Venue 場所
    Organization Name 団体名 Japanese music club
    Report 報告 The Japanese Art Society held a Tanabata Concert on Friday, July 8th, 2011. Dressed in traditional summer jimbei and yukata, club members performed four Japanese songs on the koto and shamisen. In t...


  • Habitat APU Photo Exhibition

    Date 開催日 2011年07月12日(火) ~ 2011年07月12日(火)
    Venue 場所 Pacific Café
    Organization Name 団体名 Habitat APU
    Report 報告 On July 12 (Tue) – 15 (Fri), 2011, a photo exhibition was held at the Pacific Café by Habitat APU. This exhibition was held as a way of getting more people aware of the poverty and curr...


  • The “Life Music” Summer Concert

    Date 開催日 2011年07月13日(水) ~ 2011年07月13日(水)
    Venue 場所 Cafeteria
    Organization Name 団体名 「Life Music」
    Report 報告 On Wednesday, July 13, 2011, the APU “Life Music” held their summer concert. “Life Music” recently marked the 10th anniversary of its establishment. The concert featured fift...


  • Five APU medal winners at Oita Prefecture Taekwondo Tournament

    Date 開催日 2011年06月25日(土) ~ 2011年06月25日(土)
    Venue 場所 Bungo Ono City
    Organization Name 団体名 APU Taekwondo circle
    Report 報告 On Sunday, June 26, 2011, five members of the APU Taekwondo Club entered took part in the 10th Oita Prefecture Taekwondo Tournament held in Bungo Ono City. All five contestants won medals including ...


  • Model United Nations Golden UN Camp held at APU

    Date 開催日 2011年05月13日(金) ~ 2011年05月13日(金)
    Venue 場所
    Organization Name 団体名 Model United Nations Golden UN Camp
    Report 報告 On May 14 and 15, 2011, a mock United Nations general assembly meeting was held under the theme of “Golden UN Camp 2011” by the APU Model United Nations. This project was held to raise s...


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