APU DATA BOOK 2018 Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

26Ritsumeikan Asia Pacic UniversityJob Placement and Advancement進路状況AY 2017 Job Placement and Advancement Statistics2017年度進路状況Male男性Female女性Total合計Graduates1卒業者・修了者15886161,204Breakdown ofCareer Options卒業者進路内訳Job offer recipients就職決定報告者400422822Graduates pursuing further education2進学者2395190Others (including returnees)3帰国・その他3149143292Notes: 1. Undergraduate students and graduate students who completed their degrees in September 2017 and March 2018 (including international students) 2. APU graduates proceeding to graduate schools or another university 3. Includes those who return to their home countries, those who pursue additional professional qualifications, those who prepare for higher education, those who continue job hunting, and those who attend to domestic affairs(注): 1. 卒業者・修了者…2017年9月、2018年3月学部卒業者・大学院修了者(国際学生含む) 2. 進学者…大学院・大学進学者 3. 帰国・その他…帰国、進学・資格試験の受験準備、就職活動継続、留学、専門学校、家事従事などJob oer recipients就職決定報告者Job seekers就職希望者Job oer recipients就職決定報告者Job seekers就職希望者Job oer recipients就職決定報告者Job seekers就職希望者Overall Success Rate就職決定率 全体 Domestic Students国内学生International Students国際学生822851498507324*34494.2%98.2%96.6%SuccessRate就職決定率RateSuccess就職決定率SuccessRate就職決定率*324名のうち、日本国内で就職した学生は222名 222 out of 324 found a job in JapanAY 2017 Employment Decision Rate2017年度就職決定率

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