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Digital Library : 新サービスのお知らせ/New Service Released
Posted by moo31612 on 2013/4/26 18:10:00 (1503 reads)

Now you can borrow materials housed in the Oita Prefecture Library without having to leave the APU Library!

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News : 臨時閉館 APUライブラリーとMMRは17:00に閉館します
Posted by moo31612 on 2012/7/3 17:00:00 (620 reads)



Due to the cancellation of classes from the 3rd period today (July 3rd),the Library and MMR will be closed from 17:00 onwards.
We apolozise for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your

News : Launch a service of ”DiscoveryService”/”DiscoveryService”利用開始のお知らせ
Posted by moo31612 on 2012/6/22 19:50:00 (533 reads)

Launch a service of ”DiscoveryService”

[Japanese follows]
"Discovery Service", a Japanese domestic cutting-edge scholarly information retrieval service, is now accessible from the Library TOP Page.

日本国内最先端の学術情報検索サービス"Discovery Service"
ライブラリーのTOPページ からご利用可能になりました。

APU Library

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News : APU Library Student Assistant Recruitment/ライブラリーアシスタントの募集のお知らせ
Posted by moo31612 on 2011/6/1 17:47:40 (1742 reads)

We are seeking highly motivated students for APU Library
Student Assistants. Please refer to the campuas terminal for detailed information.


APU Library 

Digital Library : New online database resource:"The Making of the Modern World"
Posted by ritshisa on 2011/6/1 15:55:00 (634 reads)

The Media Resource Center are happy to announce the introduction of a new online database resource:"The Making of the Modern World"

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