GSM Seminars

Operation of Seminars

The Seminars must help develop an inquiring mind in students and inform them that issues, research questions or hypotheses that they address need substantiation based on evidence and argument. They should train students about the method of collecting, synthesizing and drawing defensible conclusions based on data.

All students must register for Seminars in accordance to their length of study, semester of enrollment, supervisor, etc. as designated in the chart below. The Seminars are designed to assist students their individual research, leading to the production of the Master’s Thesis, Independent Final Report or Internship-based Case Study. Seminars’ subject titles are Management Seminar I, II and III and completion of all three seminar subjects is required for program completion.

Program Length 1st semester 2nd semester 3rd semester 4th semester
2-year Standard
- Management Seminar I Management Seminar II Management Seminar III
1.5-Year Accelerated
Management Seminar I Management Seminar II Management Seminar III Program Completion

Choosing a Seminar Supervisor

Students should choose a supervisor from within their Specialization and report selection of supervisors at the end of their first semester by the deadlines below. After the selection of a supervisor is approved, students must register for their chosen supervisor’s seminar subject during the designated Course Registration periods.

To help first semester students select their seminar supervisor, a Seminar Orientation is held during Quarter 1 of each semester to provide details about the structure of the seminars, characteristics of Research Projects, and tips on how to search / select a supervisor. Details about the orientation session are separately announced at the beginning of every semester.

Students planning to apply for accelerated program completion should consult the Academic Office regarding selection of seminar supervisors and Management Seminar registration.

Management Seminar Application deadlines:

Spring Semester: the last working day on or before July 5
Fall Semester: the last working day on or before January 10

GSM Management Seminar Application Form

Carefully read the seminar registration flow for your completion program for details.

Registration Flow for 2-year Standard Completion Program (PDF)
Registration Flow for 1.5-year Accelerated Completion Program (PDF)

Work in Progress Seminars

Work in Progress Seminars will be held at least once during Quarter 1 of every semester. Students and faculty members are ecouraged to attend!
These seminars provide students with the opportunity to present their research proposal and the current progress of their Research Projects in front of their fellow students and faculty members other than their supervisors.

All students must present at these seminars when registered for Management Seminar II.

Details regarding the Work in Progress Seminars will be provided at the beginning of every semester on Campus Terminal.