Application Forms

Download and fill out the application form that you need from the sections below. Submit the application form to the Academic Office within the stipulated deadlines.

Application Forms for All Graduate Students

Application for Change in Supervisor (Word)
Application for Extension of Length of Study (1/1.5 → 2 years; 2 → 2.5/3 years) (Word)
Application for Special Permission for Non-Class Day Usage of Graduate Facilities (Word)
Course Correction Application (Word)
Report on Extended Activities Outside APU (Word)
Front Page Format (for archiving the final written outcome) (Word)

Application Forms for GSAM Students

Application for Change in Division (Word)
Application for Change in Major (Word)
Application for Accelerated Completion (Word)
Research Proposal Form (Word)
Notification of Intent to Submit a Master’s Thesis / Research Report (Word)
Master's Thesis / Research Report Title Page (for examination) (Word)
Master's Thesis / Research Report Title Page (For re-examination)(Word)
IMAT Program Research Proposal Application(Word)

Application Forms for GSM Students

Application for Change in Specialization (Word)
Application for Accelerated Completion (Word)
Management Seminar Application (Word)
Research Projects Summary Form (Word)
Research Projects Title Page (for examination) (Word)
Research Projects Title Page (for re-examination) (Word)
Internship-related Application Forms (ZIP)

Application Forms for GSAD Students

Candidacy Application Form (Word)
Dissertation Register (Word)
Curriculum Vitae Form (Word)
Doctoral Dissertation Screening Application and Certificate of Authority (signed by both the candidate and their supervisor) (Word)
Declaration Form Regarding Making My Doctoral Dissertation Available Online” (signed by both the candidate and supervisor) (Word)
Application for Extension of Period of Enrollment to Complete Doctoral Dissertation (Word)
Doctoral Dissertation Composition Schedule (Word)