Graduate School Facilities & Lockers

Outline of Graduate Facilities

Use of the Graduate School facilities located on the 2nd Floor of Building B is limited to Graduate School students for study purposes. These facilities are open weekdays only (closed weekends, holidays, and days the Academic Office is closed).

Name Location Hours Rules
Cyber Study Room 2nd Floor, Building B 8:00 - 24:00 (Wednesdays 10:00 - 24:00)
Master's Students Common Rooms 8:00 - 24:00
Doctoral Students Common Rooms
Graduate Student Lounge 1. Please put cups, etc. back in their original place, after use.
2. Please do not litter. It is your responsibility to dispose of all litter appropriately.
3. Please turn off the gas after using the stove / boiler.
Master's Students Lockers Master's Students Common Rooms (GSA/GSM) See the Graduate Lockers section below for details.
Doctoral Students Lockers Hallway next to the Doctoral Students Common Rooms

Map of the Graduate School Facilities

Graduate Lockers

Master's students lockers are located in the Master’s Students Common Rooms (GSA/GSM) and are available one (1) locker per student. Students who wish to use a locker should apply through the online survey below.

Master’s Locker Usage Application Survey

Doctoral student lockers are located in the hallway next to the Doctoral Students Common Rooms. Doctoral students can borrow desks and lockers for personal use during the period of enrollment at APU. Those who would like to use a desk and locker(s) should apply through the online survey linked below

PhD Graduate Locker/Desk Usage Application Survey

Students who must empty their lockers at the end of the semester:

- Graduating students
- Students who are withdrawing / taking LOA this semester

Deadline for Emptying Lockers:

Spring Semester: last working day of August
Fall Semester: last working day of February

Any items left behind this point will be disposed of.

Points to bear in mind while using lockers.

  1. Do not change the PIN yourself.
  2. In principle, the PIN code combination should remain the same for the entire locker usage period. Contact the Academic Office ( in case you need to reset your PIN code.
  3. Do not share your PIN code combination with anybody.
  4. Do not leave food and drinks in the locker.
  5. Do not leave valuables in the locker.
  6. Do not leave hazardous items in the locker.
  7. Note that the Academic Office is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items.
  8. Lockers must be emptied at the end of the locker usage period. Any left items will be disposed of.
  9. Lockers are not available for students who Withdraw or are on a Leave of Absence. Please note that the Academic Office will clear all items out of the locker as soon as the Withdrawal / Leave of Absence takes effect.

Usage of Graduate Facilities on a Non-class Day

If a student desires to use any graduate facility on a non-class day, a “Request for Special Permission for Non-Class Day Usage” signed by the student’s supervisor must be submitted to the Academic Office at least 2 business days prior to use. If approved, the facility will be opened during the requested period.

Request for Special Permission Application Form