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Japanese Language Courses (6 credits)


Three different levels of Japanese Language Course are available to meet with each applicant's needs. So no worry if you just started going to learn Japanese or want to study further about the language!

Japanese Level For Who?
Japanese A For students who are studying Japanese for the first time.
Japanese B For students who have completed approximately 150 hours and are proficient in reading and writing Hiragana, Katakana, and approxi- mately 150 Kanji characters.
Japanese C For students who have completed 300 hours and can read and write approximately 300 Kanji characters.


Academic Courses


You will also have the opportunity of joining APU's Japanese and international students by taking academic courses (2 credits each) in English from a wide variety of subject areas. Each course meets twice a week for 95 minutes each. You can take up to two courses. Official transcripts will be issued for these courses.

Academic Courses (English)

Click here for sample list (PDF)

*courses offered are finalized in mid-April.

Japanese Course Syllabus
Click here for detailed Syllabus (PDF)

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