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投稿者ゲストゲスト さんの画像をもっと!   カテゴリーOutgoing Students    前回更新2005-7-20 11:32    
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[荒川 晋−UBC(カナダ)−2003年秋]

Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True高ヒット
投稿者ゲストゲスト さんの画像をもっと!   カテゴリーIncoming Students    前回更新2005-7-19 13:12    
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This semester is the best semester I ever experienced. Maybe 4 months is too short to change one manテヤ future.  However, it can be the seed for further individual development. APU Students taught me how to respect other cultures and different points of view. I learned numerous things at APU and I will try to develop those things.  As I studied in APU, I found the right way to achieve my dream of becoming a journalist, specializing in Asian studies. Throughout the in-depth lectures and talks with diverse people, I realised that there are a lot of things to learn to achieve my goal. Then, I decided to proceed to master degree after having some career in the journalism field.
[Won Jae Jang, Yonsei University, Korea, April 2004, 1 Semester]
Thanks Won

Beyond All Expectations

Beyond All Expectations高ヒット
投稿者ゲストゲスト さんの画像をもっと!   カテゴリーOutgoing Students    前回更新2005-4-19 10:46    
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Studying as an exchange student at UBC really exceeded any of my expectations! It has been an amazing experience and I think that the people I have met here- both on campus and off campus- have made it so. I've learned a lot in classes (lots of reading and writing essays!!) but I've learned so much from the people and experiences I have had here. It has also been a time of reflection about my identity, personal interests and what I want to pursue from here onwards. I am sad to say good-bye but I hope to bring the lessons I've learned here back to APU!
[Melody Nelson, UBC, Canada, September 2004]

Hidden Hong Kong

Hidden Hong Kong高ヒット
投稿者ゲストゲスト さんの画像をもっと!   カテゴリーOutgoing Students    前回更新2005-4-1 17:08    
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Hong Kong is known for its skyscrapers, shopping and fabulous restaurants however, Mai has been lucky enough to find another side to Hong Kong that is rarely seen.  This is a photo of Mai (second from right) taken with her classmates during a ecotourism fieldtrip.  No, its not a deserted or tropical island but a beach right in the middle of Hong Kong!  Mai says 'There are many hiking courses and beautiful beaches.  I would never have known about hidden Hong Kong unless I came here'. In addition to nature, Mai was also surprised at the size of the CUHK campus.  'It took time for me to get used to the size.  We even have to use school buses to move from classroom to classroom'.  There are over 10 canteens and hostels alone!  'Exchange prgrams can enrich our experience in the fields of both study and life in foreign countries.  I appreciate this opportunity and want to make the most of this experience too'.  We wish Mai all the best for her time at CUHK and hope that she does not get too lost on campus.
[Mai Ogawa, Chinese University of Hong Kong, September 2004]

Finding yourself

Finding yourself高ヒット
投稿者ゲストゲスト さんの画像をもっと!   カテゴリーOutgoing Students    前回更新2005-3-2 12:35    
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I became very much accustomed to life in Dalian. I guess this is one of my talents to accustom to new environment. Compared with other Japanese students, I felt I am experiencing more. Especially through living off campus with a Chinese friend. Where I live now is where ordinary Chinese people live. It is a really lively place. I have Japanese friends here but when I am with them I try not to use Japanese but Chinese. I will advise you to make a lot of Chinese friends when you come to China. Through them, you can see China more clearly.
I noticed that opportunities are everywhere. It is up to you whether you find them or just pass them by. It is only you who can act on those opportunities. Be active!
I love to eat Ulmuchi痴 lamb meat outside with friends. It is delicious to eat this dish looking up the sky full of stars! There are so many delicious things in China. And for Japanese it is all amazingly cheap. The outside food stalls are always the most delicious.
My time is limited here in China. So I am trying as many things as possible. I tried a Chinese musical instrument. Its just has two strings. Through learning this, I am learning Chinese minority group cultures also. My level is now good enough to play a easy songs.  
By studying abroad, I have more free time than I had in my own university. Free time is sometimes a very dangerous thing to have. If you use it correctly, it will have a wonderful effect on you, but if not, it will just spoil you. I have been trying to make a full use of this free time by trying to find out a lot about me. Through studying abroad, I could get a lot of time to talk with myself. This means I have lots of time to think about my future. For example, what I want to be in the future, what kind of job I want to get, what kind of work I want to do, what is necessary to achieve these goals. I thought about so many things which I haven稚 thought about before. And as a human, I became so much stronger in a different environment. I got out from Japanese typical academic background based society.
Anything is possible, if you believe in it. There are always ways to realize your dream.  
[Yoko Narimatsu, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, China, April 2004]

The meaning of "work"

The meaning of "work"高ヒット
投稿者ゲストゲスト さんの画像をもっと!   カテゴリーOutgoing Students    前回更新2005-3-2 12:22    
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I really recommend you to attend one Internship program, making full use of studying abroad. I found an internship program in Dalian. I thought it is very necessary for me to attend this internship program. I am learning a lot which helps me to realise what it really means to work.
In this program, president of company always says what you say always has no meaning. He says it is necessary for me to think more. I am one of the so called good students, but in reality I just studied for good grades. He makes me notice that it is necessary to know why you are studying and how it will be useful for your goal.
I have to think what on earth I have to be in the future. And what is necessary to do for realizing the goal. If I couldn稚 meet him, I was still studying just for good grades. Now I am working and experiencing work. It is quite new for  me to work but through working I noticed how I am growing. I am attending this internship program for rest of time in China. By this way, I can also prepare for a job-hunting. I will make myself strong!
Now through this internship, I can see the real society. I get so scared when I imagine if I continued studying in Japan not noticing the reason I am doing so. I am now studying computers, and preparing for a real life. I want to prepare myself for working. In the near future, I want to get into Japanese famous trading company and I want to work hard for be the one who can contribute to this world.
[Yoko Narimatsu, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, April 2004]

Soccer in Seoul

Soccer in Seoul高ヒット
投稿者ゲストゲスト さんの画像をもっと!   カテゴリーOutgoing Students    前回更新2005-3-2 12:08    
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 It may seem a little strange for someone from New Zealand studying at APU to exchange to Korea for a year, but nothing is too strange when it comes to learning about new cultures! My year at Yonsei University in Seoul has been like a dream come true. It was my Korean friends at APU that first taught me about Korea (and about yummy Korean food!). Thanks to them and the kind support from APU, I am now living with a Korean family and studying at one of the top three universtities in Korea. I am having a wonderful experience, right from getting an all-round education by listening to different ideas from Yonsei professors, and to the cultural exchanges of energy and laughter that I am experiencing living in central Seoul. This picture was taken before an international soccer match at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. All in all, I strongly recommened the exchange program to anyone wishing to experience studying at a slightly different angle to APU while gaining an all-rounded cultural experience.
[Shaun Sutton, Yonsei University, Korea, April 2004]

Hot and cold in Singapore

Hot and cold in Singapore高ヒット
投稿者ゲストゲスト さんの画像をもっと!   カテゴリーOutgoing Students    前回更新2005-1-20 11:34    
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We visited Sentosa last weekend. This is a picture of that time.

It's really hot in Singapore, especially during the day time. I can not believe that it's snowing in Japan. I wonder how it feels like to stay in Japan now. I almost forget what winter season is.

My school, SMU (Singapore Management University), is totally different from APU. My impressions to SMU are flat, white and cold. Even outside is very very hot, we have to wear a sweater during lectures because of AC, otherwise we will die. I don't know why they want to make a class cold like this.

I have spent the time in Singapore, almost 1 month, so far. Everything ok lah, as long as I understand "Singlish". I guess when I go back in Japan, I will speak "Singlish". This is the biggest concern for me. Maybe nobody will understand what I am saying when I go back to APU!

Anyway we (Maki, Hiroki, Misaki) are having fun in Singapore. I will try to up-date our life story in Singapore, so please look forward to that!

[Maki Sugiyama, Singapore Management University 2005]

A taste of Japan

A taste of Japan高ヒット
投稿者ゲストゲスト さんの画像をもっと!   カテゴリーOutgoing Students    前回更新2004-11-26 12:21    
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Last week, ISA (International Student Association), an organization I belong to with members from all over the world , held an "international education week". There were many events throughout the week. For example, study abroad fair, international education fair, variety show and international dance party. I was involved in the international education fair, the fashion show (as a model!) and international dance party. At the fashion show, I wore 土ukataand other Japanese students from Nagasaki, performed 摘isa(traditional Okinawan dance).

There are not many international students here at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Therefore, I think it was a good experience for American students to know about different cultures. I was very happy that people could know a little bit about Japan too. My roommate (American) and her friends came to this event and they enjoyed it very much.    

Sometimes, I miss Japan, but I知 really enjoying not only study, but also club activities and the university life here.
[Ami Tonosaki, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, September 2004]

English opens new doors

English opens new doors高ヒット
投稿者ゲストゲスト さんの画像をもっと!   カテゴリーOutgoing Students    前回更新2004-11-26 12:14    
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3 months have already passed since I came here to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. I have already done so many things in these 3 months. Classes require so much work and it took time to get used to that, but I知 so happy that I am able to learn the things I want to in English. I've made lots of friends and I知 really enjoying this university life.
[Ami Tonosaki, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, September 2004]

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