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AP Language Immersion Program

[Application Period]Wed., October 24th – Mon., November 5th, 2012, 16:30

[Application information]
- Application Information for 2012 Winter Language Immersion Programs(English/APLang.(PDF)


-  AP Language Immersion:Beijing Language and Culture University (China)
-  AP Language Immersion:Korea University (South Korea)
-  AP Language Immersion:Indonesia STBA LIA (Indonesia)

-Beijing Language and Culture University (China)(To be uploaded Oct. 17)
-Korea University (South Korea)(To be uploaded Oct. 17)
-STBA LIA (Indonesia)(To be uploaded Oct. 17)

[Application Documents]
For those students who would like to apply for AP Language Immersion Programs, please download the “Application Form for Active Learning Programs” and the “Essay Form for Active Learning Programs” below.
- Application Form for Active Learning Programs(To be uploaded Oct. 17)
- Essay Form for Active Learning Programs(To be uploaded Oct. 17)
- Pledge for Active Learning Programs (PDF)(To be uploaded Oct. 17)

As there are additional application materials requested by each program, please read the respective application information thoroughly.

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